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Multicultural Ministry Team visits Ocean Community Church

Marisol Ferrer and Luis Perez, representing the Multicultural Ministry Team (MMT), recently visited Ocean Community Church. They arrived just as the volunteers of the church were getting ready to open the doors to the community for food and clothing distribution. There were many volunteers of the church ready to lend a helping hand. The group was highly organized, the food was in abundance and the clothing and household items were neatly stacked and ready to go. Marisol spent time with a young Hispanic volunteer and Luis spent time learning about the operation. Ocean Community has been doing this for at least a decade and the MMT learned a lot. Marisol said, "We can talk about ministries in our churches but seeing the action is much more rewarding."  After talking with several volunteers about the cultural change in the area, the MMT spoke of observations made with Rev. Phil Bakelaar. May God continue to bless this church and its community.

The Multicultural Ministry Team would like the opportunity to visit with other churches. Invite them.

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