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Rev Marisol Ferrer-Malloy brings tech team to visit 

We went to another place to look at what they do and see what we could learn.


Summer Reading

The Multicultural Ministry Team (MMT) is taking a sabbath from meetings this summer. At our last meeting in May, we discussed vision of seminars and workshops, of working with churches at local levels and the role we will play in the new restructuring of the Regional Synod of Mid-Atlantics.

The summer break allows us enough time to marinate on the future of the MMT. While we relax and bask in the sun (or hide from it), we continue as learners by reading a book. We decided to read, "One Church, Many Tribes" by Richard Twiss. It is a Native American story. Why don't you make it part of your summer reading?

We meet again in September to discuss this book. All are welcome. Monday, September, 10 at 10am and at the office of RSMAt.

Have a great verano (summer)! Marisol Ferrer


Annual Report of the Multicultural Ministry Team

Report of The Multicultural Ministry Team

Submitted by The Rev. Marisol Ferrer, Chair


Mission Statement: Awareness through education and action.


Statement of Purpose:  The Multicultural Ministry Team seeks to help the Synod churches become aware of multicultural ministry opportunities in the rapidly changing contexts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.  We seek to empower new ethnic and multicultural congregations; help existing congregations transition to minister to new ethnic populations; seek pastors for multicultural congregations; and lead the Synod in identifying resources for expanding ministry in a multicultural context.


The Multicultural Ministry Team began meeting every other month instead of monthly. This past year, we represented at the Asian Resource Center for a book discussion. We connected with the Women’s Ministries at the Riverside office and we continue to work with Earl James and the Multiracial Initiatives. By the end of the year, we began to widen our circle by summoning others to join the table discussions.


The recent use of technology has helped those who cannot attend our meetings at the RSMAt office. We pray this continues to be a route of communication for this important conversation and action in the area of multiculturalism.


Moving from classis meetings, we have been asked to visit some churches within the region. We held several discussions and followed up on advice pastors are searching for when it comes to their neighborhood and gifts of the church. This is an ongoing process.


We were also successful in launching the Multicultural Ministry Committee of the D-R Classis. Other Classes continue to have some sort of multicultural ministry. It is our intention to support the committees forming within the Classes.


We continue to educate the MMT through book readings. Our last book read was “Becoming an Anti-Racist Church: Journeying Toward Wholeness” by Joseph Barndt. We have other books lined up, including the inclusion of American Indians.


We hope and pray others begin to dialogue with each other on how we can become a church that truly represents the multitude that no one can count from every nation, tribe and language (from Rev. 7:9).



MMT Website

We are learning how we can log in to the website as a member of the MMT.


Multicultural Team holds Gotomeeting conference

On Monday March 19th the multicultural team held a meeting by gotomeeting.