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Church Security Resources

The Regional Synod of the Mid-Atlantics has heard the cries and concerns of many of our churches in relation to the number of active shootings in our schools and houses of worship.  It pains all to hear of the unnecessary violence that is perpetrated, but it concerns us as to the lack of preparation we have in place for our churches.  The immediate care and protection of our fellow citizens, especially in times of study and worship, is our immediate concern and yours as well, but too often we do not have a starting place, and therefore we simply continue the thought of this as something we should do.

Most times a shooter enters a building without any prior attention. Below are also several preemptive steps you can take to deter someone from selecting your church as a possible target.  By simply implementing a couple of these inexpensive strategies, you can greatly increase your protection, and at the same time serve as a welcoming congregation. 

  • Install security cameras at all entrances.  Even if they are not connected (which you do not want to announce), a perpetrator will see them and find you are not an easy target.  Someone can be monitoring them, or at the very least they are being recorded.
  • Place greeters outside the door.  For new people to your church it is great to have an idea where to enter.  The insiders already know that, the outsiders don’t.  For people who want to inflict harm, they do not want to encounter another person prior to entering the building.
  • Initiate parking attendants.  There is something nice about arriving and having people guiding the parking.  However, attendants can also serve as a first defense if they notice someone unfamiliar, acting strangely on the way, or maybe carrying a bag or overly bulky clothes.
  • Lock doors once services begin.  Doors should be able to be opened from the inside. Once services or studies begin is when the church is most vulnerable.  Have a sign or indication as to where to enter for those a little tardy who arrive after your services have begun.  Make that door an alternate entry so the flow of worship is uninterrupted.
  • Have sanctuary attendants.  We used to call them ushers, and if you go to a sporting event or a concert, there are times your movements are limited.  By having attendants at the doors, you can allow people to enter at times of lesser distractions, like a hymn or a logistical segue in the service.  Not only does this enhance the concentration on the service, but it limits people coming into the sanctuary when everyone is intently focused.

Additionally, the RSM-At has been trying to compile some information to help you begin the conversation with your church leadership.  Attached you will find several free download PDF documents from the NJ Office of Homeland Security and Protection (NJOHSP), as well as the following link from which provides some free introductory training to develop your own security and safety plan (This training is free for the month of April).

With just a few steps, you can greatly increase your security during times of worship, study, and meetings.  It is our hope that these ideas help begin that planning.

Yours in Christ,

Christopher Heitkamp, Vice-President RSM-At

Click here for the downloads mentioned above

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Stanton Reformed Church Looking for An Office Manager

The Stanton Reformed Church is looking for an officer manager to serve as the front line for the operations of the church and provide administrative support for the pastors and staff in order to free them up to fulfill their core functions of shepherding, preaching, teaching, prayer, leadership development, and/or ministry development.
Click here to view the full job description.

Interested candidates should email a resume outlining pertinent employment and educational history and skills to before April 20, 2018