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Recommended Articles from the "Engaging & Supporting Emerging Adults in Faith Communities" Event

We have received a great deal of positive feedback from the event with Dr. Steven Argue, which was co-sponsored by the Synods of the Mid-Atlantics and New York.  Below is a list of articles by Dr. Argue that we encourge you to read.  For more pictures from the event and to download this list click here.


  • “Beyond the Conference: 4 Questions to Transform Your Ministry Training Approach”  Check out Steve Argue’s article “Beyond the Conference: 4 Questions to Transform Your Ministry Training Approach.” Learn how to make the most of your conference and training opportunities and implement what you learn back at your congregation.
  • “Soul Care Sweat”  Read this article by Steven Argue where he looks at the movement of spirituality and questions: “In the name of order or program, might we unknowingly be teaching a motionless spirituality?”
  • “From Faith to Faithing”  In “From Faith to Faithing” Steven Argue explores how religion should not be a stagnant noun, but a growing, adaptable verb, which allows for a faith that reaches beyond inflated successes and into a person’s reality.
  • “Reimagining The Gospel In Relationship, Part 2”   Rather than teaching teenagers about salvation and “the right answers,” in this article, Steve Argue details some steps his student ministry staff completed over one year to capture teens’ imaginations and show them how to live a life that features an active relationship with Jesus.
  • “It’s Time to Define the Relationship With Our Emerging Adults”   Steven Argue touches on basic steps to take in ministering to emerging adults in your church. Read, “It’s Time to Define the Relationship with our Emerging Adults.”


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